LIBRARY: J Erikson Dallas Main library genealogy floor

Reminder: pictures and content on this blog are Copyright © 2021 StonznBonz. All Rights are reserved and express written permission must be obtained before use in any format. If I could spend 24/7 at this library, it think it still wouldn’t be enough time. After my first visit, and my MS/AL trip, I felt IContinue reading “LIBRARY: J Erikson Dallas Main library genealogy floor”

The library! F I N A L L Y

Back in 1998 in Chickasaw County, MS I was overwhelmed when I walked into a local library and found books about MY family. Even pages that had been written by my great-great aunt, who I adored since I was a child. I’m not a huge book reader, front to back, but I dabble. Maybe IContinue reading “The library! F I N A L L Y”