TRIP: Old Rondo Cemetery, Texarkana, Miller, Arkansas

Reminder: pictures and content on this blog are Copyright © 2021 StonznBonz. All Rights are reserved and express written permission must be obtained before use in any format. As mentioned in my outline post of my trip, my initial stop was to see my 2great-Uncle Jim’s gravesite at Old Rondo cemetery in Rondo, Miller, Arkansas.Continue reading “TRIP: Old Rondo Cemetery, Texarkana, Miller, Arkansas”

2 Howard Pink/ney’s lead to 2 James William Buchanan’s

Where do I even begin? I’ve started 3 different posts, and each become too long, even by my standards! Let’s try a *brief* history. 2 James William Buchanan + 2 Howard Pink/ney Buchanan (aka HP) in the same area. What are the odds? For almost 3 years, doing research in a small community for oneContinue reading “2 Howard Pink/ney’s lead to 2 James William Buchanan’s”