TRIP: Guntown, Lee, MS

For years researching Howard and looking on maps, I’ve imagined Guntown and Tupelo quite a distance apart. Imagine my surprise how truly close they where when I drove them during my stay. This is why I love to go to the places of my ancestors,’or family, to personally experience the area. To drive from placeContinue reading “TRIP: Guntown, Lee, MS”

TRIP: Potts Camp, MS & Bethlehem Methodist Church cemetery

Reminder: pictures and content on this blog are Copyright © 2021 StonznBonz. All Rights are reserved and express written permission must be obtained before use in any format. If you’ve been following along, and I hope you have, you’ll know this stop was supposed to be one of my first stops before coming to TupeloContinue reading “TRIP: Potts Camp, MS & Bethlehem Methodist Church cemetery”

TRIP: Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and back to Texas

All photos and content are (c) StonzNBonz 2021. All Rights Reserved. Not to be used without expressed written permission. I don’t even know where, or how, to begin a post about one of the most amazing trips I’ve ever taken in my life. Two years ago, I began planning a genealogy trip and then CovidContinue reading “TRIP: Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and back to Texas”

2 Howard Pink/ney’s lead to 2 James William Buchanan’s

Where do I even begin? I’ve started 3 different posts, and each become too long, even by my standards! Let’s try a *brief* history. 2 James William Buchanan + 2 Howard Pink/ney Buchanan (aka HP) in the same area. What are the odds? For almost 3 years, doing research in a small community for oneContinue reading “2 Howard Pink/ney’s lead to 2 James William Buchanan’s”