TRIP: Weatherbee Cemetery, Franklin County, Alabama

Reminder: pictures and content on this blog are Copyright © 2021 StonznBonz. All Rights are reserved and express written permission must be obtained before use in any format. There were two cemeteries, when compared to others, that caught me off guard. The grounds were deep with leaves, stones disheveled, even large branches and fresh animalContinue reading “TRIP: Weatherbee Cemetery, Franklin County, Alabama”

TRIP: Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and back to Texas

All photos and content are (c) StonzNBonz 2021. All Rights Reserved. Not to be used without expressed written permission. I don’t even know where, or how, to begin a post about one of the most amazing trips I’ve ever taken in my life. Two years ago, I began planning a genealogy trip and then CovidContinue reading “TRIP: Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and back to Texas”

2 Howard Pink/ney’s lead to 2 James William Buchanan’s

Where do I even begin? I’ve started 3 different posts, and each become too long, even by my standards! Let’s try a *brief* history. 2 James William Buchanan + 2 Howard Pink/ney Buchanan (aka HP) in the same area. What are the odds? For almost 3 years, doing research in a small community for oneContinue reading “2 Howard Pink/ney’s lead to 2 James William Buchanan’s”

Birth to Grave: James Washington Long, son of John R Long.

Birth to Grave on one of John R Long’s son, James Washington Long:  B 9Nov1839 was Itawamba Co, MS.** POB as Itawamba was previously ‘presumed’ as we always thought John R was in Itawamba however, according to James’ own 1863 union reenlistment, it states he was born in Pickens Co, AL, therefore we believe JohnContinue reading “Birth to Grave: James Washington Long, son of John R Long.”