Here we go again. I try not to focus on the (im)morality and (lack of) ethics of this company, primarily as it takes precious time away from my research, however there are some things that just can’t go without being shared/discussed. Today I have two such topics. As you’ll notice the last two posts focusedContinue reading “Ancestry”

Ancestry Terms of Service

Have you ever wondered about why Terms of Service, otherwise known as TOS, are a mile long and so confusing that even a lawyer might trip over themselves trying to explain them? I started with Ancestry over 20 years ago, back when they weren’t even a big player. Over the two decades, they’ve purchased multipleContinue reading “Ancestry Terms of Service”


It’s been a long time since I have blogged. If I told you that my first blog was actually a very successful one, viewed in 27 countries, I bet you’d laugh…. but it’s true! You would laugh even harder if you knew the context, or even how it got so big, but no I won’tContinue reading “Email”

John R Long

John R Long has been a mystery to my cousin Jim, for the 20+ years he’s researched the Longs. I suspect he has the same feeling I do about my Buchanan’s, where for 25 years I’ve been in the same exact place, with the same names, and no matter how hard I try, I haven’tContinue reading “John R Long”

EXCLUSIVE: A one of a kind photo of Thomas Albert Sartain

Thomas Albert Sartain, a man who not only has several children, but has the easily recognizable Sartain face, especially to anyone even remotely connected to his line. Thanks to his descendant, James F Long, this personally held family photo is being exclusively shared for the first time. Thanks Jim! 🥰 Thomas is Jim’s 2ggf, throughContinue reading “EXCLUSIVE: A one of a kind photo of Thomas Albert Sartain”

Birth to Grave: James Washington Long, son of John R Long.

Birth to Grave on one of John R Long’s son, James Washington Long:  B 9Nov1839 was Itawamba Co, MS.** POB as Itawamba was previously ‘presumed’ as we always thought John R was in Itawamba however, according to James’ own 1863 union reenlistment, it states he was born in Pickens Co, AL, therefore we believe JohnContinue reading “Birth to Grave: James Washington Long, son of John R Long.”


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