I’m taking back my life…. A Work in Progress to get working with legal entities. UPDATED 15Apr23

Updated: Good for you. You deleted my comments. Too bad I have screenshots trying to address the lies you keep posting. Sondra you have terrified, harassed and threatened me for over 3 months now. A brief synopsis of how this started, including your threats. This is not the actions of someone who’s working within theContinue reading “I’m taking back my life…. A Work in Progress to get working with legal entities. UPDATED 15Apr23”

TRIP: Weatherbee Cemetery, Franklin County, Alabama

Reminder: pictures and content on this blog are Copyright © 2021 StonznBonz. All Rights are reserved and express written permission must be obtained before use in any format. There were two cemeteries, when compared to others, that caught me off guard. The grounds were deep with leaves, stones disheveled, even large branches and fresh animalContinue reading “TRIP: Weatherbee Cemetery, Franklin County, Alabama”

FOCUS: Roger Williams Park Mausoleum and Oakland Cemetery in Cranston, Rhode Island

This came through on Facebook and I just wanted to share it. Watch the video. Remember, this is what happens when people don’t remember cemeteries matter! It might not be your cup of tea, but this could be Y O U if you choose a casket. (I’m going ashes, tyvm!) Disclaimer: I have ZERO personalContinue reading “FOCUS: Roger Williams Park Mausoleum and Oakland Cemetery in Cranston, Rhode Island”


Here we go again. I try not to focus on the (im)morality and (lack of) ethics of this company, primarily as it takes precious time away from my research, however there are some things that just can’t go without being shared/discussed. Today I have two such topics. As you’ll notice the last two posts focusedContinue reading “Ancestry”

REVIEW: Ancestry.com’s ProGenealogists.com

A conversation on a mogul’s social media platform led me to look up companies under Ancestry’s umbrella. Later I returned for future reference, who not to use (yes, I admit, I’m no longer enchanted with Ancestry, but it took me 23 years to get here.. and I’m not leaving this headspace even if they paidContinue reading “REVIEW: Ancestry.com’s ProGenealogists.com”

Ancestry Terms of Service

Have you ever wondered about why Terms of Service, otherwise known as TOS, are a mile long and so confusing that even a lawyer might trip over themselves trying to explain them? I started with Ancestry over 20 years ago, back when they weren’t even a big player. Over the two decades, they’ve purchased multipleContinue reading “Ancestry Terms of Service”

The library! F I N A L L Y

Back in 1998 in Chickasaw County, MS I was overwhelmed when I walked into a local library and found books about MY family. Even pages that had been written by my great-great aunt, who I adored since I was a child. I’m not a huge book reader, front to back, but I dabble. Maybe IContinue reading “The library! F I N A L L Y”

Birth to Grave: Allied Family- Sartain and Long

Parents: The target question is, does Thomas Riley ‘TR’ Sartin belong to the parents of: Thomas Albert ‘TA’ Sartain + Mary Lenora Goforth OR Isiah ‘Zarah’ Sartin + Elizabeth Martin? Another possibility is he’s the son of neither. Let’s add another question: are Zarah and TA brothers or cousins? Let’s focus for now on theseContinue reading “Birth to Grave: Allied Family- Sartain and Long”