I’m taking back my life…. A Work in Progress to get working with legal entities. UPDATED 15Apr23


Good for you. You deleted my comments. Too bad I have screenshots trying to address the lies you keep posting.

Ancestry Community Guidelines.

Sondra you have terrified, harassed and threatened me for over 3 months now. A brief synopsis of how this started, including your threats. This is not the actions of someone who’s working within the guidelines. I’ve had enough. I haven’t even been able to research since December. I’ve been in fear and having to monitor my family’s information on fear of what she will release as a “deceased” person just to get it out. …until caught.

To the Genealogy sites, please take notice how much money this one person, ME, have brought to your sites in just 3 yrs. Personally paid for out of my pocket.

$10,532.37 … from me.

Midway though this nightmare, I also learned she had even following my blog since Jan 2022., but this was far after the beginning was in full force. Nothing like knowing you’re being stalked by someone you don’t even know for a year before you ever talk to them!

She starts with getting your offline email, blaming Ancestry’s mail system. You can see she later deleted the message on left, in Ancestry, as it now appears on the right. The initial communication was to correct her tree that my Cousin D was listed as Deceased, despite living, which is a violation of Ancestry TOS.

This is her pattern of listing people as deceased, as my cousin was for over a year, exposes LIVING people to privacy invasion. I was notified another family member has this issue, and was harangued by Ms Brenner until Ancestry/FindAgrave stepped in. (Copies available upon request) On another site, MyHeritage, she listed my ex-husband as deceased as a means to easily identify his ex-wife (me) by maiden name. It took my contacting MyHeritage to have this removed. These are just 3 examples of hundreds, across all sites where our privacy is being exposed, especially on Ancestry and they are unwilling to do anything. (That is for another Post).

16Dec22 profile comparison showing NO DNA in common between Stonz and Sondra.

It was this 2 min call she was able to take my caller id to obtain my legal name, without my knowledge while constantly asking me what to call me, as she felt odd calling me Stonz.
A promise made and still has continued to be broken

Comments posted to this blog 4Jan23. Notice she still believes we are connected yet we have COMPLETELY DIFFERENT mtdna haplogroups. She also doesn’t share one with Cousin D.
Written threat of being publicly doxxed, after 30 years of remaining private. Update 14Apr23: she has now publicly fixed my full legal name, city/state and private email which is not only against the law but against TOS & Community guidelines of Ancestry.

Note: I am not doxxing her because she has per profile, tree and even home person showing for anyone to see therefore I am not identifying her private screen name, which she’s now done to me after having it 23 yrs.

Screenshot 14Feb23 but began Jan 17; 23
Specifically focus on verses 10-13 for Psalms 140: which are taken as a direct physical threat of bodily harm.

You have gone too far. I’m writing the documents for criminal prosecution as asked when I wrote you a cease and desist. I’ve been offline and silent, in hopes your delusional obsession with me would wane. On January 5, 2023, under instruction by police, I sent you a cease and desist letter which read:

Ms Sondra Christine Brenner, After repeated requests for you to leave me and my family alone, I am hereby asking you cease and desist any correspondence, passive messaging & all harassment, stalking and communication with me, or by any of your proxies such as Wm Edward Keller, including any and all sites such as emails/ie Gmail, texts, phone calls or any/all social platforms such as, Facebook, Twitter, etc and all genealogy & emails sites such as, but not limited to, Gmail, my blog, Ancestry, FTDNA, MyHeritage, Gedmatch. Further communication will be forwarded to the authorities for potential criminal prosecution.

Here’s more evidence of other DNA sites which she is a member, that shows I am have no DNA in common with her,

Here’s the Gedmatch, unfiltered report showing we share NO DNA
I am covering my new id for my protection but can delete my kit it again if needed.

Of note: I was notified by Gedmatch “We have banned that user from GEDmatch, which was done sometime in mid January, since they have violated our terms of service in their interactions with you and other users.” however this is impossible. Not only had I run a 1:1 report earlier TODAY but she also quoted

This is impossible for her to have known I was a match to the redacted member, because I deleted my account back in January, along with 30 of my DNA kits due to her harassment & lack of assistance from Gedmatch. Today they tell me she was banned, but if my kit was deleted, and she wrote this a week prior to my adding a new kit, this means she has copied all of my DNA matches from January,
Here’s Myheritage search done today.

Initial reporting

On Dec 25, 2022, at 5:56 AM, MyHeritage <support@myheritage.com> wrote:

she is stalking me on Ancestry (so far however does match 2 of my cousins whose DNA is also on Myheritage (I manage) and I don’t yet believe she knows how to find them…. As she’s focused on using Ancestry’s database at the moment).
Sondra Brenner is the offending member on all sites.
While documenting violations of Ancestry’s TOS in this person’s public tree pertaining to my family (as directed by corporate executive office), I have found (and still documenting) TOS violations of MyHeritage DNA member’s privacy (specifically things like screenshots of the DNA match’s name, potential shared matches (meaning more match violations) as well as theory of relativity (or the Thrulines version) of how a match might be related. Many of these matches I believe to also still be living, AND these screenshots done without the knowledge nor permission of the DNA match.
Mind you, I have gotten through 76 pages of 506 of this member’s media gallery. I’ve documented so far violations of Gedmatch, MyHeritage and FTDNA privacy issues and separated each company into different emails with screenshots plus urls. It took me over 12 hours to document what I have so far-so this is a long-standing problem. One email I have also documented a cross post of Gedmatch and MyHeritage combined.
Therefore I’m unsure if I send them all through this one email, if it will all come through (since I’m including jpegs) and this is an ongoing problem (76/506 pages) or if I can utilize a dedicated email (such as yours) that I can forward this email, while copying Ancestry as well (since both companies are duty bound to protect each member’s privacy, however I’m getting a better response so far from companies outside Ancestry !! Of which I’ve been a member for 22 yrs)
Here is the first example, sending 2 jpegs of living member’s DNA from MyHeritage into a public tree for living person on Ancestry’s database -this violating BOTH companies TOS.

Present reply

Image 1Sanne (MyHeritage)February 23, 2023 4:21 PM (UTC+02:00)

Hi again,
Copying information from MyHeritage and posting it outside of MyHeritage is not something we can control, therefore I ask you to reach out to Ancestry about the information she has posted there.

FTDNA/FamilyTreeDNA done today
Following my tree back 158 days on MyHeritage

FTDNA reported Request 1420xxx Dec 27, 22 reply

After meeting with superiors, including (redacted), Operations), I have been asked to ask you if there’s any additional screenshots you haven’t sent us. If a screenshot (or shots) directly points to a violation of our Terms of Service, that would be best, as it would allow the most immediate and direct action. I understand that Sondra has been posting information about her FTDNA Matches to public sites like AncestryDNA (which is a violation), and we have several screenshots already, but I (as well as others here) wanted to make sure we have everything.

And finally, in all the pages upon pages of privacy violations by this member from each site (copies to each of these entities: (FTDNA, MyHeritage, Gedmatch and corporate Ancestry) with many of these violations housed in a public tree (screenshots AND urls were submitted), each of the companies ignored it with Ancestry’s being the most insulting, since they are the hose site. Not only has each company admitted TOS violations have occurred by this member. But NO ONE has done anything,

Mind you, this started with me. But in review of her tree I found egregious violations for DNA privacy of each DNA company, photos and profiles with many legal names, in galleries tagged to deceased people, to get around hiding the information. She was marking f lowers on FindaGrave with DNA names to the deceased, that she was connected. She has spent over a year following ME when I have NO familial connection to her (and I had looked, including the 60 ants kits I manage plus Ydna and mtdna.). She matches 2 sets of my cousins, in two different ways (one on her paternal site, and him on his maternal) but she’s invaded our privacy beyond the norms of genealogy l let alone decency. Companies you had your chance to fix this but you let hundreds of your paying customers down and violated our privacy by allow this woman to continue unabated. Shame on you for violating your own standards we are expected to uphold.

There’s another post I’m waiting to obtain permission to post. Coming soon, I hope!

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