Weather related: Quad State Tornado KY AR TN MO + MS

Last night and today, tornadoes and severe weather tore through much of the middle of our country. States impacted were Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi. Quad-State tornado

I stop to pray for those affected, dead and still dealing with the aftermath of the storm. Please keep them safe. Monette Arkansas nursing home, Candle factory in Kentucky and the deadliest in Kentucky’s history.

My first reaction is also to check on people I know in those states. Since Cousin Jim is a regular mentioned here, thought I’d give a quick update. He’s safe but without power for several days. I’d be lost with my partner in crime.

I spoke with cousin Diane earlier and didn’t mention storms (& we got to talking about other things) so I am guessing all my Lee, Itawamba, Pontotoc cousins are ok. Please check in via text, FB or homing pigeon if necessary. I’m a worrier. I take that back, did a quick Google for MS storms yesterday and found this, apparently a possible F1 touched down outside Tishomingo.

A new friend to the blog, and me, is a Long from another patriarch. I’ll call her Miss K. She lives in Kentucky. We recently connected and have talked by phone several times. We literally just spoke yesterday and she asked me about the weather. I’ve reached out to her but am waiting to hear back. I’m worried. UPDATE: she just checked in and is ok. I’ll keep the rest of our message private but she’s ok! Thank you 🙏

But why did I stop to write this post, aside from being a human who cares deeply for others? I just drove through two of these states, and literally through Monette twice, where a nursing home was demolished and two perished just outside Leachville, where I stopped twice. Pretty sure I stopped to use the facility at a small convenience store too. I have family in Manila.

Aside from Miss K, Kentucky is the home state to another 2ggf and 2ggm, and many generations before them. We, here at Club BLC, also have Long connections to Kentucky through John R & Catharine’s son, James W. He is Silmon, Zana, Tyrena, and Martha’s brother. Remember he had 21 children (although not all survived childhood). But he has likely the most immediate descendants from one of John & Catharine’s children.

We of course also have family all over northern Mississippi, Tishomingo being no different. Howard himself lived in Iuka, we have cousins in Booneville.

What I’m saying, if you think weather away from you doesn’t matter, believe me it does. You’re family is likely living where it’s happening. Take a moment please and pray for these states, their beloved residents and the souls who have perished and their families.

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