It’s been a long time since I have blogged. If I told you that my first blog was actually a very successful one, viewed in 27 countries, I bet you’d laugh…. but it’s true! You would laugh even harder if you knew the context, or even how it got so big, but no I won’t tell you as I did my best to keep my identity to myself. It became close to a full time job, between the blog, emails and even keeping up with everyone in almost every time zone in the world! Now over a decade since my last, this blog is much more personal although I will still keep things ‘general’ and not use surnames of living people, keep the generations back to around 2g’s. I also hadn’t thought of getting an email, until today.

This way, if you would like to chat behind the scenes about anything here, feel free to write me.

If you already knew how to reach me before this post, just keep using what you have used in the past!

Suggestion: save the email address in your phone and/email address book now, that way it’s already there for future reference. I keep addresses/phone #s in my phone and add the family surname I associate to the person, in case I forget the name. It also helps when you receive and email and the address is already in the address book-it highlights thanks you know the person & it’s not a spam message.

Collaboration back and forth is how tiny threads pulled, end up unraveling and breaking down brickwalls. That little tidbit you hold might just be the last tidbit someone else has been looking for to put all the puzzle pieces together. Yes, mixed up analogies but you get the idea.

Until next time,


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