Temporary pull of one post

I posted something last weekend re Patricia Bray Welch, Gust Canert Bray and genealogy malpractice both in paper and DNA. I rewrote/added to it some many times, I re read it the other day and realized I repeated myself a million times. So, No! I’m not changing my mind about the post, it WILL return. I just want to fine tune it and get it back up as quickly as possible. It’s one thing being longwinded, but to be duplicating your longwindedness is another thing. LOL

24Jul2021: Today is National Cousin’s Day. 2 Months after finding what Pat Bray did to my line in her tree, and why, I’m still upset about it. I just realized I hadn’t even blogged since May and it was mostly I started shaking every time I thought about what she’d done! So, I will still repost that blog about her, but please know how much literal pain it causes me every time I even think about it, let alone have to write about it. It’s not just some stranger having incorrect information in their tree. This was the deliberate making you a bastard after she found out you didn’t match her autosomal, due to ignorance of how DNA works. Even worse, it’s someone you’ve known casually for 20 years from researching the same line, and who, even after trying to reach out to them to talk about it multiple times, refuses to even consider they might be wrong and won’t even talk to you about it.

I don’t match her because she’s almost 90 year old and my 3C2R (if memory serves)… the MRCA is my 4ggf and we don’t have anything in common from that part of the line down. Unlike others, say in my Buchanans or Longs, where we share the same level of GG, but we also go down the same line to say my 2gg. Or even other Brays who marry say a Green, or a Kirby, where all those lines intertwine. That’s more connective DNA that you share and all of that matters when working autosomal DNA.

However, I’m THRILLED she removed my family from her public tree. But sadly, I know she still believes she’s correct, and whatever research she has, and whoever in her family inherits it, she’s passing along dead wrong information, borne out of spite and ignorance, and that type of nasty lie can live for generations. No damn wonder the Brays have hated each other for hundred-twenty plus years, which ironically was one of the first stories she told me about back in 1998, when we first met online. Well Pat, way to keep the Bray history alive!

I have hundreds, if not thousands of matches to prove I’m a Bray. Since Pat covered her bets in case it wasn’t my grandmother who was the bastard (detached her from her father!), she made me one too by detaching me from my father. Well, sorry there too! I match my aunts, since my dad is dead, their kids, all the grand/great grands from my grandfather & his other families, as well as my dad’s mom’s very well represented DNA line too. So too bad!

But I will rewrite it and post it… soon.


PS. I guess she forgets I manage Bray cousins’ DNA kits, and because they’re older than me, but not as old as Pat, they DO match her (and I match them! Geeeee). Changing her profile name is one thing, but hard to ‘hide’ when you use the same picture! LOL I don’t go looking for her profile or her tree but they do come up in search matches, as well as when I work my cousins’ DNA matches.

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