EXCLUSIVE: A one of a kind photo of Thomas Albert Sartain

Thomas Albert Sartain, a man who not only has several children, but has the easily recognizable Sartain face, especially to anyone even remotely connected to his line. Thanks to his descendant, James F Long, this personally held family photo is being exclusively shared for the first time. Thanks Jim! 🥰

Thomas is Jim’s 2ggf, through his daughter, Polina Sartain, who married Silmon Long, his great-grandfather.

This photograph is the property of James F Long. It is protected by U.S. Copyright Laws, and is not to be downloaded or reproduced in any way without the written permission of James F Long. Copyright 2021 James F Long. All Rights Reserved.

Jim has graciously allowed the photo to be posted here, and has approved the alteration I made to be included when people (we know will) download the photo. Please use it appropriately and also include him in your citations. (JFLong68 on Ancestry) or if you need to connect with him just let me know.

Note: This is me talking on his behalf, but I’ve seen the other photo of Thomas and the “is this or isn’t this him” and how people notoriously attach photos to the wrong people. The attempt here is to prevent these issues so his amazing picture can be shared with the graciousness Jim intends it and by sharing with other descendants of Thomas Albert Sartain, so please be kind and don’t turn it a copyright infringement issue by misusing his kindness. ~Stonz~

This is one I did when Jim found the picture. The one thing most noticeable it the sharpest over the right eye (facing) and then of course how his eyes aged, along with losing some of the eyebrow hair (it went to this beard! Lol). The one of the left is some type of photo with drawing then the right is an actual photograph, untouched. Since he died in late 1880s, the other picture likely ages him to his 40/50s at most (my guess). What are your thoughts?

I do not own nor profess to own copyright to the picture on the left and would love to give the original owner credit. It’s all over the internet so I don’t know which to give initial credit, so I’ll say Find a Grave Memorial: 102105176 for now.

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