Gust Cantert Bray, DNA, destructive genealogy, and how Patricia Bray Welch is smack in the middle of it ALL.

Mitochondrial DNA (simple definition from WIKI) The fact that mitochondrial DNA is maternally inherited enables genealogical researchers to trace maternal lineage far back in time. /end wiki. While Y-DNA is inherited from male to male, mitchodrial (aka mtDNA) is shared from mother to child. Y-DNA gives a strong history of father to son, so if your line still has the surname of your forefathers for generations, you have gone father-son to father-son for history. However, families do have daughters. In my case, I can trace my Bray line on the Y-DNA side back to my great grandfather, but he had brothers who had sons, who had grandsons. Therefore, I still can find someone to take a Y-DNA test for my specific group. And anyone from our MRCA Greenville (you’ll learn about soon), could also do the same, but with each generation and even a brother to brother, can have ‘mutations’, but it would still provide the same ‘halpogroup’ and we’d then be grouped into a DNA grouping by the SNPs in the dna markers. Well, mtDNA is different in that it traces the mother’s line, but not mother all the way back, because remember each mother’s mother has a different surname. So my mother, whose mother was a Bray, and her mother a Hoover, and hers a Sparks… our mtDNA group is H6a1a. And mtDNA is transferred to both male and female children. Ok, if you need to learn more about this, I’ll add more details in another post. What I can prove with this, is Regina is my grandmother’s mother, and my mother is mine. I know because many of my grandmother’s sister’s children and grandchildren have DNA tested, and our halpogroup matches.

23&Me provides your maternal halpogroup with their DNA test, however, it only gives you the halpo. The badge this came from is my mtDNA which I had done at FTDNA (costs $159, unless on sale around $139). Now, unless you’re a male, you won’t get the YDNAhalpogroup branch on 23&Me, unless a direct relative (brother for your father, or son for his father) also tests. Mind you, this may not be the full branch of your Y-DNA, so have a y-DNA test done (y-37 to BigY, here’s the order page with prices ), Added 18May21

Why are we here? Patricia Bray Welch has now twice rewritten my Bray line out of ignorance and spite. I have no intention of turning this blog into a venting place, although Ancestry corp will get a few posts of their own here. But this is something I can not let stand. I have tried to turn the other cheek, since last September (& even more the last 4 days!) but what’s Pat’s done now, clearly out of spite (she told me so), is the final straw. I even tried to politely talk to her to see if that would help, but she flat out declared both me AND my grandmother (I guess by omission, my mother, uncle & sister too) all bastard Brays because I don’t match her dna? My Bray blood has boiled over. Please know this type of post is not in my character, nor is sharing screenshots of messages with anyone, but I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life, especially from someone I’ve known/of for over 20 years. By name, she had a reputation in our circles for, till now, as a good researcher. It turns my stomach to have to publicly set the record straight, but I will. One thing I know, I’m glad Alva is not alive to have to defend the honor of his wife, his daughter, granddaughter and me right now. He and his brothers’ were famously known for their tempers-and this could have easily reunited The Bray Boys. Even Aunt Christine or Great Granny would have gotten in their cars from Coffeeville and headed south to set the record straight. And tempers? Oh my grandfather would have been set off like Fat Boy. No matter where he was when he heard this, you’d have known it wherever you were. He fiercely defend my grandmother’s honor. That’s my job now and I’ll use my words. My work will be shown with great detail, as I’m notorious for. I always go to great lengths to get things right before I come to a conclusion and don’t leap without proof, and if I don’t understand something, such as DNA, I educate myself on it until I learn it.

What Pat’s done is truly and clearly genealogical malpractice, with the purpose of spite and ignorance. IF her tree had been in a private tree and the record issue was due to a lack of data, or conflicting records, or even no direct descendants to confer with, that’s one thing, but this was NONE of those. Her tree was public, she was speaking to a direct descendant who she’s corresponded with for 23 years!, who has whatever record she could need, including the DNA matches (which, mind you I did send her in one of the emails), but her tree, flaws and all continued as a public tree which she then made edits known to me since our last conversation in December, that were made out of sheer ignorance. The reason? She said I didn’t match her DNA, therefore I was no Bray, meaning my grandmother was also not one (as bastard child of Regina, who never did a wrong thing in her entire life!) I not only saw it in her tree, but she TOLD me she did it, AND WHY. AND SHE’S FLAT OUT WRONG. I also sent her a quite detailed email the night of the 15th, detailing additional glaring errors in her tree, including living people showing (and why each were- down to what source she copied that had it listed that way) to wrong family groups, such as my cousin (mentioned throughout here, RoadFrog) and her mother’s children’s with her 2d husband (hint there were none, but Pat has 2, oh and one is with both of his wives. Pick one, eh?) Even my Buchanan’s in her tree, which I know inside and out, backwards and forwards with my eyes closed, are wrong. Blatantly wrong. One child she has under 3 of HP’s wives, only thing, one of the wives isn’t even HP’s! She then proceeded to tell me she wouldn’t take information from someone who doesn’t have a public tree, (despite for 20 years, back in the days of RootsWeb and Family Tree Maker, no one’s trees were online and she has a lot of MY work in her tree, and I am a DIRECT DESCENDANT of which she doesn’t even belong to our line. We share a set of 4ggps.

But let’s deal with the 3 specific areas that has brought me to today: Bray DNA, Jones + DNA and then Gust Canert Bray, the lesbian Bray in my family that was shunned and sent to OH, never to be spoken of again (ahem, this NEVER happened nor do we even have a Gust Canert Bray. PAT MADE THE WHOLE DAMN THING UP!).

When using DNA, you have to use it in unison with a paper trail. You can’t use one without the other, especially since autosomal DNA (like an test) only goes back so many generations (and Ancestry has also put their thumb on the results (not showing shared matches <20cm, and then unless you saved them Aug2020, any under 6-7cm are now gone, also read further for info on Timber white papers for weighted/unweighted cm matches). Therefore you must use paper-trails and DNA together responsibly, and understand how they work in unison, or singularly when one or the other is absence. Here’s an example: I have several Buchanans who don’t match me, but do match my older cousins (or in reverse, my younger cousins and not my older). The paper trail proves the rest. We are family. One of the older cousin’s is from a sibling of my 2ggf, not my 4ggf as Pat is here. So if I can believe (and prove) my 2ggf’s sister’s descendant is my kin, I would most certainly believe my 4ggf -paper only- was my kin. We’ve had the papertrail for over 30 years. That’s a no brainers. But dna wise, why would I believe she my kin? Because I can match her DNA to other known cousins, and then they to me. Or if it is beyond the realm of autosomal dna reach, I will work with mtDNA or Y-DNA. But instead, Pat hides behind a computer, hangs up on people and demands others to just swallow her insanities. (Sorry, I am 😡 MAD 😡) Instead of making a note of error, and even swallowing her pride and apologizing, or forget the apology, just say, do you have anything to substantiate what you’re saying (something she NEVER asked me), ANYTHING, I wouldn’t be so upset. Instead she again made her tree private after she made more changes to my line after the call. So she’s been given the facts, and still refuses to accept it. I can back up all the changes with census, and available documentation as well as original birth and death certs. See, since most of my family has died, I inherited all the photos and documents, this is on top of what I’ve collected over to the 25 years I’ve researched. But since DNA is what she wants, I can back that up in spades! I have thousands upon thousands of Brays, Kirbys and other allied lines that PROVE beyond a doubt, I am most certainly Alva’s great granddaughter. A Bray.

First we will start with the Bray DNA, work into the Jones and DNA, then close with the most horrific case of genealogy malpractice for someone who’s practiced over 30 years (23 that I’ve known her.). Be sure to read the lesbian story she made up all over a transcription error. MADE THE STORY UP! Added documents to the real person, but changed genders and then when I gave her the factual information, continued to tell the story as if she’d heard it round Houlka back in the day as it happened. Pat is rewriting MY direct line, one she doesn’t even belong to. She’s maliciously slandering it TWICE, without any facts whatsoever and then demanding that that because my tree is private, I am the one who hasn’t done my work. This hurts my heart to have to most directly challenging her creditability as as present day serious genealogist. Anyone can play on Ancestry and become related to a King or Queen. But does that make it factual? Or anyone can play with DNA and think they know how to to work it.

Bray DNA Let’s start with 3 Brays: Pat, the eldest of her line, RoadFrog and I are from the same line, but you can see RFs one gen above me. The first thing you have to do is determine the MRCA between the 3 of us: Bingo. Greenville Moody Bray. In essence, Pat is my 3rd cousin, 2 x removed (3C2R) (or 5th cousin) while RoadFrog is my 2nd cousin, 1x removed (2C1R) (aka 3c) this alone should tell you Pat’s distance to our MRCA is at least 5 generations, while mine and RoadFrog distance is only 3 generations. Who do you think might likely share DNA and who wouldn’t? (Hint: if you guess Pat matches RoadFrog, and RoadFrog matches me, you’d win the Gold Star for the day!)

MRCA (Most Common Recent Ancestor)

  • 2G-GP: Greenville Moody Bray + Lavinia Lucinda Smith
  • G-GP: Caswell Smith Bray md Amanda Coleman
  • GP: Charlie Harrison Bray md Mertis May Wilson
  • P: Charley Loal Bray md Melna Ivis Sledge
  • Patricia Bray
  • ———————————————————————————————————-
  • 3 G-P. Greenville Moody Bray + Lavinia Lucinda Smith
  • 2G-GP. James Monroe Bray me Malissa Jane Mathis
  • G-GP. James Washington Bray md Etta L Kirby
  • GP. Edgar Bray
  • P. Mother + Father
  • RoadFrog
  • ———————————————————————————————————-
  • 4G-GP: Greenville Moody Bray md Lavina Lucinda Smith
  • 3G-GP: James Monroe Bray md Melissa Jane Mathis
  • 2G-GP: James W Bray md Etta L Kirby
  • G-GP: Alva Bray md Regina Hoover -note: Edgar is Alva’s younger brother.
  • GP: Grandmother (ERB) + Grandfather (CEB)
  • P: Mother + Father
  • Me

Pat has 5 steps to our MRCA, Greenville Bray, because she’s the oldest generation. While I, the youngest, have 7 steps to Greenville, but RoadFrog has 6, so she’s the bridge between the two of us is RoadFrog. I call this a High/Mid/Low. My generational distance from Greenville, and thus Pat, means there’s a high statistical chance we won’t share any DNA. Not to mention, while Caswell and James Monroe Bray were indeed brothers, each had a different wife, alone separating the DNA in 1/2 as the first generation to the next, and each one then marries a different woman, so the DNA is further diluted, and now go down 7 gens for me. Unlike where RoadFrog and I have long distances to Greenville, 7 and 6 , we have the same DNA continuances w Greenville + Lavinia, James M + Malissa Jane, and then James W + Etta Lou. So 3 additional identical paternal and maternal sets that give us stronger DNA to each other that Pat does not share. This is a perfect example of why people ask their elders to test, because they can get us closer to older generational ancestors, but realizing if they’re even one sibling off, the DNA will dilute. So get them all while you can!

Pat however shares Greenville and Lavinia. Caswell is brother to James M, but he md Amanda’s Coleman. Pats DNA splits from mine and Roadfrogs lines right there.

This is a better visual, a bit busy, but the beat I could do. I shows the line Pat descends, does have MRCA we share, and Caswell and James M are brothers (blue boxes), and she shares solely the Bray and Smith DNA with me. While, RoadFrog and I share MJ Mathis, Etta L Kirby in addition to the Bray, back to same MRCA of Greenville. But bc Alva (ooos that should be SR) and Edgar are brothers, James W And Etta L are actually the MRCA RoadFrog and I share. (Both Ancestry and FTM limit family view so I did my best trying to get this in one screenshot instead of 3). I further explain this written out below.
I am hoping that Pat is reading this so she sees me “showing my work” 🤬

If you look at the shared dna between Pats side to mine and Roadfrog in this way:

  • Greenville + Lavinia = 100% all 3 of us share both the Bray and Smith DNA in this example.
  • Caswell 50% since Caswell marries a Coleman, you cant count that DNA in this comparison.
  • Charley 25% same with Charley
  • Charlie 12.5% and Charlie
  • Pat 6.25 % left with approx 6.25% inherited Bray DNA. It could be + or – this figure, as each person inherits DNA differently, but for this example.
  • ———————————————————————————————————-
  • Greenville + Lavinia = 100 again, all descendants of Greenville/Lavinia start here.
  • James M 50 Bray (but technically RoadFrog/I continue same line so we count both lines)
  • James W 25 Bray (but we can count Smith AND Mathis DNA too)
  • Alva 12.5 Edgar 12.5 Where we start to split. Me Alva, RF down Edgar.
  • ERB 6.25 Barney 6.25
  • Mom 3.125 RoadFrog 3.125
  • Me 1.5625

Keep in mind, this isn’t apples and apples for us to Pat. RF and I share 2 more direct ancestors’ DNA that will be the same, James M Bray and his 1st wife Malissa Mathis, then James W Bray and Etta Lou Kirby. So I’m using solely Bray line here: but it’s really something like: Bray/Smith = 100, then Bray 50% Smith 50%, then Bray 25%, Smith 25%, Mathis 25%__ Greenville’s mama, then Alva and Barney are: Bray, Smith, Mathis, ___ and Kirby, ..get the idea? (But I’m trying not to complicate this LOL)

Now before you say “you only have 1.5625% Bray”. NO. The point is the percentage of dilution from the MRCA, we’re using Greenville and Lavinia, and only using the Bray side (not the Smith too) and the person being compared against (Pat). Then RoadFrog and my DNA will have diluted again when we get to our g/gf’s who were brothers: Alva and Edgar. Depending on my which of my line was the Brays, in this case my grandmother, I actually have roughly 25% Bray dna. (Im 50% my mom, 50% my dad. Then 25% each grand. (Technically I’m 12.5 each Bray/Hoover but let’s not confuse the issue). However, let’s say I compare myself to one of my grandmother’s sister’s kids:

  • MRCA is Alva + Regina 100%
  • My grandmother 50% Their Grandmother 50% (bc each marries another beau)
  • My parent 25% Their parent 25% (again each marries a different spouse)
  • Me 12.5% Them 12.5%

You can see here, we have a much higher statistic of shared DNA, therefore much easier to find a match, with both a match to my 2nd great grands, and my great grands, than I would my 4th great grands, as Pat is exepecting!

The question is: Because I don’t match Pat, does that make me not a Bray? NO. It makes me too far in dna generations to match her, but could I prove this another way? Yes, one can. You take the close matches to you, and look for a few who are of older generations, that would get closer to Pat’s advanced age of 80+. They don’t have to be as old as Moses as she is, but just a gen or two closer. So, one of my Bray cousins, RoadFrog, is just that. The bridge. I could use many others, but I know her direct confirmed line, so I start with knowns. Pat & RoadFrog match at ‘unweighted’ 42cm, or weighted at 32cm, with Ancestry predicting the match at 4-6th cousins. (If you don’t know about weighted and unweighted DNA on Ancestry, feel free to google “Ancestry Timber Algorithm” white papers“. I’m not going to add that to the mix here).

So what you you can’t do on Ancestry, but you can on, is lower the thresholds for minimum cm’s when doing a 1:1 comparison, as we are here. Luckily Pat’s got a kit there First let’s see if Pat and I actually do share any cm’s, when the cm is down to 3.o? Yes, an actual match, showing we in fact DO share a TEEEEENNNNYYYYY 3.9cm’s at Chromosome 06, as you can see here. Some could begin the discussions of false matches into this, but sadly I have to confess, on paper, I am actually genetically related to this woman, no matter how it (now) turns my stomach. But for now, focus on the chromosome (ch) and the fact we DO match. Let’s see, if I do a comparison with RoadFrog to both me and Pat, will we all get a match on Ch6?

Me to Pat Bray, threshold lowered to 3cm

Next is Pat to RoadFrog, on Gedmatch, the DNA comparison is now 44.6cms unlike Ancestry’s prediction of 32cm weighted, 42cm unweighted. Longest segment is 28.9, and the distance is 4.16. Nope, Looks like the Ch are 9, 13. But notice here I didnt lower her threshold to 3cm as I had to with mine, because I already knew they matched above 7 so I’d get a hit.

RoadFrog to Pat Bray, threshold left at 7cm
Me to RoadFrog, threshold left at, again, since I knew that RF and I have a high match but also notice that RoadFrog and I match on ch6, like Pat & I do.

As an experiment, I’ll lower the threshold to 3cm, to see how many cm’s RoadFrog and I pic up, but right now we’re matching at 184.2cm

Me/RoadFrog 3cm threshold, only picked up 5cm (ch 13)

The first thing this shows, is that while RoadFrog bridges with Pat, despite her being from a compeletely different Bray line than RoadFrog and I desend, I match at a much higher cm with RoadFrog, despite her still being one generation older than me, AND also a different line (after James + Etta). See while the 3 of us share the MRCA of Greenville, that’s only for our match to Pat. Alva and Edgar were brothers, so that makes their parents our MRCA: James Washington Bray and Etta Lou Kirby. MY 2nd greats, and RoadFrog’s greats. And there alone, is why RF/I have a much higher match, and why Pat isn’t part of OUR Bray club of the younger generations. Until last night however, I had always considered Pat FAMILY.

So, let me go to my DNA maps on DNA Painter, that I’ve been building over the last year. Is there anything that jumps out first at ch 6? Yes, back last year when I started asking about if Pat knew anything out Jones in our mutual Bray line and it spawned this whole craziness about me not being a Bray. Well, since I’ve been buried in my Buchanan lines for almost 2 years, and I dapple only occasionally in Bray, I’m really laser focused on the Buchanans and one side project is my Jones line, starting with my 2ggm. After working and grouping my DNA over the last several years, I’ve discovered cross matching that threw me for a loop. It was when I started going back in my old records and realizing I have at least 5 Jones ggm’s, one in each line, different eras and parts of the country, but they are all dna related. One of the remaining lines without a Jones GGM was ironically my Brays… until while on Gedmatch, not even doing any of this work, Pat’s Gedmatch kit popped and it was with known Joneses from my 2ggm’s lines (which are all DNA related to the other 5 I have). I WAS INTRIGUIED!

So asking Pat was I thought was an innocent question, and was told 9Dec2020 0651am “…so their Jones descendants ate (sic) cousins. I don’t have Jones ancestor that I know of so far. Of course, always a possibility of one I haven’t found“. So a cousin married a Jones, but she’s herself not a descendant of a Bray. (take a look at a screenshot of her own pedigree tree, for yourself). Then another response, at 255pm, … “Checked Jonses (sic) in my tree. I am not descended from a Jones. There were Jones who married into my families. Their descendants would be the Jones who are my cousins, but no direct line.

Pat Bray’s DIRECT ancestry, Pedigree view.
Jones, Jones, there’s no Jones.
(🤪 googley eyes 👀🤪 here with a spinning head🤯 for effect)

To say the pain this simple question I asked has caused me is too immense for words that I could speak in public, especially in Christian or mixed company. It was my asking about the Jones that warped into her saying I wasn’t a Bray, because she couldn’t find me in her DNA list. I kid you not. But then had the audacity that I should ‘show my work’. Well, right back at you Pat. Prove to me that my grandmother isn’t Alva’s daughter? PROVE IT! C’mon. I’ll wait. Sorry, side tracked, let’s continue.

Jones DNA: Then the one thing that jumped out was a gentleman, whose since passed, but a diligent descendant carries it on for him. I’ll name him JJones. He came up in a shared list when I was working my other cousin’s dna, and Pat’s existence there, again surprised me. Here’s their 1:1 comparison, with lower threshold down to 3. Notice Ch6 that Pat and RoadFrog match…

Pat Bray to JJones

The positioning isn’t exactly the same on ch6, but notice here that Pat shares quite a bit with cousin JJones. So let’s run a quick match RoadFrog to JJones

RoadFrog to JJones
Me to JJones Now, I have an actual MRCA with this match. my 4ggrands. I also have about 10 cousins’ whose DNA I manage, some older/age/gen than I, who match JJones even closer, lending strength to the relationship and confirming our DNA + paper trails, bc this is from a line not attached to the Brays.

Go back and look at one chromosome that Pat, RoadFrog and I all share with JJones? Ch15. The closest positioning matches are actually RoadFrog and Pat. Now, mind you, this JJones IS my cousin on my mother’s father’s line, via my 2ggm. But Pat, RoadFrog and I match my mother’s maternal Bray line. But I’ve now found a crossover, that no one was aware of. And I did ask Pat about it and was not only dismissed that she had ZERO Jones DNA, but then rudely told because I don’t match HER, I am not a Bray.

This originally took me some time to get out of my system. And, despite a blood vessel or two popping when her profile or tree comes across my screen in Ancestry research results, I’d pretty much gotten over it. (Ok, I do have the Bray grudge. I admit it. I came by it by blood!) So while I was working on a side project, I ran across an Ancestry search result for a friend of the family, and it was tied to my Bray family, and the hint was in Pat’s tree. When I realized that she’d worked this friend of the family (him, his spouse, her line, his parents and then their children– that’s a LOT of work for just a friend of the family) but that is was done because Ancestry has the link to an obituary, and they have one of my family members listed as their mother. (HA) So If Pat had READ the obit, she would have seen the obit clearly stated this person, RHP, was nothing more than a dear beloved family friend. Why do I know the validity of this? I WROTE THE OBITUARY!

So I took a moment and double checked that Pat had this particular source in her tree, which she did, and then noticed that back in Dec 2020, Pat then had 3 children under my mother. I’m not sure where 3 came from as she never had 3 children. I mentioned that to her back so imagine my shock to see Pat had removed 2, and then disconnected the one left. Me. So I went up the line, just to check some of the fact, and noticed, aside from some GLARING inaccuracies, that she had disconnected my grandmother from her father. Why? I know why: because I don’t match her DNA! So she made my grandmother a bastard child. Well, to be honest I wanted to clear this up with her so I called family in Mississippi to find her number, and called her. At first she wanted to walk down the Bray line, which was fine, but I could hear her voice and mental state might not last long, so I wanted to get right to the point. The whole time, the conversation was pleasant, on both sides. I then mentioned that she’d detached my grandmother from Alva, and she proceeded to tell me:

I’ll tell you why I did that. I had a descendant tried to claimed they were a Bray, but they don’t match any of my DNA, so I detached her. Then I blocked the woman because she was harrassing me.

Mind you, Pat, despite my introducing myself multiple times AND stating I was from this woman’s direct line she’d detached, she didn’t realize I was the one she’d blocked (which I could care less. I have the emails, I NEVER harrassed her. I CORRECTED her and apparently Pat has a major issue with being told she’s wrong! ) As soon as I said “Pat, you realize I’m that same person?” She immediately got hostile and asked me where I got the number, which I told her from family but that it’s also on the internet (EVERYTHING today is on the internet) she then said “You made a grave error by calling me...” and click. She hung up on me. She DELIBERATELY made my grandmother a bastard child, and for good measure, me one too all because she doesn’t understand the science of genetic distance in DNA. Mind you, I was polite, in all the emails and even the call. It’s actually taken me 2 days to calm down over this. Not because she thinks I’m not a Bray, I KNOW I am. But she’s disparaging my great grandmother, by implying she stepped out on Alva, which she NEVER did, and then by detaching me from my mother, that in fact either my mother isn’t a Bray or that SHE stepped out on my dad, which most certainly did not happen. (Or even backwards, that my dad had me via another woman, WHOOOPS wrong again!)


It didn’t stop there. But I will. I want this over. I want to ensure that while, 25 years ago when I first met Pat on the internet, I considered her the gold standard of researchers, and certainly the most well known of the Brays. Now, I can only say that Ancestry has dumbed her skills down to a level of point and click, and the greed of acquiring data, as if a data miner, just to have it. WHY work my families’ friend’s line (back a gen, forward a gen) when there was no blood relation whatsoever, just because she didn’t read the obituary to see the relationship. It’s clear as day! Or else she’d have added a Senator as family too, since he was also mentioned, oh and a State AG, not to mention the US Rangers.

But where did some of this start? Back in September 2020. I ran across her tree and she had a Gust Canert Bray in the tree. I was perplexed I’d never heard the name, and I have the original documents that were used to write in the family bible (yellowed any all). Not a single Gust listed. Having worked with Pat in the past (back to 98) and sharing fond memories of our email conversations which I still have, I sent her a quick note while I continued to track down with this elusive Bray.

Her reply,

Screenshot 3Sep2020 reply from Pat to me on Ancestry.

Here’s the actual screenshot of the census, then the transcription below, as per’s OCR.

The actual census, 1920 Houlka, Chickasaw, MS, as from
The OCR transcription: Gus Canetert (should be Constance but they started to write “Gert (Gertrude) again) and even Falmadge is wrong, his name is Talmadge.

It reads: Gert Constanst, but transcribed to Gus Canetert, and the census taker didn’t line-through Gert, which you can see just about is for Gertrude. Constanst is Constance (Marie).

The idiot I was, believing I was talking to 1998 Pat Welch, not 2020 Pat Welch, called my MS family and started the grapevine in search of this information. We do have relatives still alive old enough to have have remembered this (IF it happened, which you’ll find it DID NOT!) The next day that was the first process and my phone was still lighting up from MS to find out if I’d discovered anything new. Our family was mortified that anything such thing was being said, let alone as if it happened.

She continues the next day with this, MORE of this fable. One line I’m blacking out for privacy reasons. But in the green section above (my part), you see the reverence in which I once held Pat’s knowledge of the Brays in. If she said it was so, then it was. Not anymore!

BUT SHE MADE UP A STORY LIKE THIS, at the drop of a hat, and fed it to me as if she’d been there when it happened! Then TOLD ME MY FAMILY BIBLE AND OTHER DOCUMENTATION WAS WRONG…. I mean ordering a death certificate? How about confirming first, where was the one daughter I questioned being missing, let alone the day before even TELLING her it was Constance. Remember, this line is MINE not Pat’s. Aunt Connie was someone my grandmother knew! I have her in the family bible, I even have pictures of her (somewhere in this huge pile of photos). But Connie was missing and now Pat say’s Gust Canert/Canerert was a new family member NEVER before or after discussed.

Instead, I went looking for an obituary, since this person died in 1980’s. I figured I’d find something on or the like, but I started in Google. First up was a hint for (where their search engine isn’t regurtating people’s incorrect trees and data back at them (while charging to do it) like this ridiculous info from Pat). So I clicked through (since I have a paid membership there too), and while I didn’t take a screenshot then, I just did a search “Gust Canert Bray” (not even using the locations) and came up with (after physically doing the research) the actual Gust Canert Bray who in fact is the one buried in Florida. HE, not she. Also remember, while everyone knows there were lesbians (and the word, although never used in the press) back in the 1920s (ahem, Gloria Vanderbilt’s mother reportedly was one). But gay marriage wasn’t legal until 2004 in Massachusetts, and nationally until 2015.

So later on the 5th, I have now located all the data re the real Gust Canert Bray and even sent her links, because I believe in showing my work, especially in a case like this. The green is the last part of a very long reply. I say that because, I’ll show you what she said to me the other night (in a minute. Not sure how I can be both).

5Sept20 reply from Pat, her’s is the white, on Ancestry. Notice here she’ still wondering if there’s a missing child, DESPITE me being of this line, repeatedly saying I have the family bible AND my knowing my Great Grandmother, grandmother and very close with one of my great aunts.
Here’s a screen shot of MyHeritage’s results just for “Gust Bray“. They are all OH, so this is the same one I found to be the TRUE Gust C Bray who is buried in Florida, and in fact IS a MALE. BUT NO CONNECTION TO JAMES/ETTA BRAY OF HOULKA MS. ($$ Paywall for MH)

My next reply has a lot of family information, so I won’t post that, but I’ll summarize that I again try to explain that Constance is the incorrectly transcribed person, and there’s but one child not on a census, the infant buried with Jim Washington Bray in the Schooner Valley Baptist Church Cemetery. I know, I’ve been there. We believe her to be named Francis, but aside from Aunt Gertie, I have not found other family that can accurately remember if that’s correct (although if Aunt Gertie said it was true, she was 99% right!!! She might’ve messed up the spelling of someone’s name but she was always right… and she died before the internet!)

As the conversation continues, she goes into selective matches, and yet I’m giving other’s she doesn’t mention but she focuses twice on Flobee. She’s convinced since in her shared matches, I don’t appear under either RoadFrog OR Flobee, what I’m saying isn’t true.

Ok, she’s a 4-6c to Flobee: Let’s take a look at my relationship…

My DNA match to Flobee2000. I’m a 2-3c of Flobee, but she’s a mere 4-6c. Hmmmm, imagine that!
For good measure, this is cousin RoadFrog
This is her to RoadFrog, but I’m only showing part of the photo just so it can be validated as Pat’s profile. Notice who is the one who has the least amount of centimorgan’s shared in this group? It’s Pat. And it’s because her MRCA is further back AND that while, Caswell and James M were in fact brothers, our line’s DNA is stronger for those of us who also descend from James M and James W.- because we also share the maternal lines of DNA for both Malissa Mathis and Etta Lou Kirby, 2 DNA lines Pat does NOT carry. At all. Just like we carry no Coleman, etc.

But she say’s now I’m not a Bray.

The last line of an email she sent 15May2021. And, when I’d asked her to reconnect my grandmother to her father, bc she was wrong about me (and her) not being Bray’s, I was given the excuse since I don’t have a tree on Ancestry, then I haven’t done the work. (see above where just Dec she told me how through I was!
…. “across as mere nitpicking.” is the last part of the sentence.
She then barads me for the bio I have on my profile about why my tree is private, yet since 1998, she’s had my grandmother exactly where she belongs, and that’s the eldest (living) child of Alva.

Think the determination and expediency in which this post was put together, with FACTUAL detail, shows the Bray side of me coming out. HOW DARE YOU, PAT BRAY WELCH! How dare you!

Patricia Bray Welch, it's time to hang up the census, Lady.  I don’t consider you a kind Christian, and beg God to have mercy on your soul.  You are DEFINITELY one thing to me: no Bray kin of mine! 

If you’ve gotten this far, congratulations. I know there’s a lot packed into this post. But I want this to serve as my ‘one and done’ with her. But also to show that while she may have been a good researcher back in the day, it’s time to step aside, OR at least learn how to do DNA work.

For those wanting to learn a bit more about DNA, I’ll be posting some things from time to time in the future, but here’s a few to start.

  1. Google RootsTech 2021 and there’s still quite a few of the seminars they held online. It’s all free. Great info! RootsTech was hosted by FamilySearch I believe, but the seminars were by all the genealogy sites such as FTDNA, of Ancestry (which I despise so won’t link), MyHeritage, 23&Me, LivingDNA, I think DNAPainter and even Gedmatch might have taken part but I’m not 100% so I won’t link them until I’m sure they particpated. Additionally, genetic scientists and genetic genealogists, as well as professional genealogists gave some amazing webinars. Well worth the watch. Start at your current level of understanding, even if you’re a beginner, then work your way up. Don’t jump to the heavy stuff. You’ll get lost!!
  2. Here’s a blog I haven’t really read but has some detailed info on how we inherit DNA from our grandparents. I’ll be sure to go back and look more in depth at it. Looks great!
  3. Any of the sites above, or even just googling (or your personal favorite search engine) things like DNA explained. Genetic Genealogy. DNA and family genealogy. I even have a few links now (more in the future) on the “Useful Links” page here on my blog, about 4 posts back. It was the 2nd one I wrote, and the one I update regularly (though I do forget to put the date I add stuff. I’m trying to get better at doing that!)

Anyway. if you have any questions on DNA, I can try and answer your questions. I have been doing extensive DNA work now for the last year, as I began to manage many of my family’s DNA kits, I think 20 and growing. This includes 4 y-DNA kits (2 of which are BigY). We are on all the sites: 23Me, MyHeritage, Ancestry, and FTNDA. I have found DNAPainter the best way to map DNA (but I HIGHLY recommend spending the hour watching the creator, Johnny Perl’s, video on how to use it FIRST. she says with experience lol). I stumbled into an adoption, which I’m thrilled to say expanded my own family (blessing blessing blessing blessing them all), and didn’t just accidentally figure out at least the side of the family they were from, but I even determined the father, worked and confirmed all the DNA prior to telling anyone, and even had a yDNA kit done which backed up my work (our family didn’t wait for the results though- they had confidence in my work). Y-dna is the gold standard of DNA tests. I recently also discovered a branch of my Buchanans that had eluded me on paper, but DNA I knew were somehow related. A puzzle that took 9 months to see how that last piece fixed, but that’s the post before this one. So while I don’t profess to be an expert on DNA, I am also not a beginner, and I know that someone is 7 steps from the MRCA is not likely to match someone who is 5 steps and from a different child of that shared MRCA. But I guess, even with age, for some, does not always mean accuracy.

Note: I’ve made edits to this over the last 2 days, mostly adding or rewording thing, but also correcting grammatical errors. 18May added the mtDNA badge from my kit on FTDNA.  

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