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I’m not sure how this particular post will evolve, but I’m constantly looking for a way to organize links, especially with as many webpages as I can hit doing research. Sometimes my memory serves me well as to how to find that one place again and others, well, I am getting older, and my once almost photographic memory is starting to show it.

So let’s start and see where it takes us. I’ll try to organize it by State, County, and perhaps type in some type of hierarchy that makes sense with limited explanations. If you have sites you’d like included here, send ’em on over! I believe in sharing as long as it’s a two way street. Otherwise I can be very stingy.

One thing, I do like to see the URL of a site I’m visiting when possible, so while I realize I can hyperlink the link to writing, I will make it as transparent as possible. If you see blue and underlined, it’s a hyperlink so just click! If any of the links are broken, please let me know below in the comments! Thanks!

All states or general tools

USGenWeb list of transcribed census records. These are so much faster and easier to search than looking at the image. Now I prefer to use these first then go to the image to have they hard copy but that’s not always an option. Additionally, I used to copy/paste say all “Long” returns into an Excel spreadsheet, perhaps by state or county, and use that for later research. I really really miss Rootsweb and USGenWeb.


All of Alabama: marriages by county as compiled by Alabama DAR.

Alabama Research Library resources

Resources for Alabama (bookmarked to Lower Pleasant Site Cemetery)

Colbert County:

Fascinating history on Colbert, it’s beginnings and the war. It’s really fascinating. If you can’t tell, I love both history and military history! Note: This site does include ‘paid content, via Patron as well as links for Amazon for books written by the blog author.

Cemetery list: Colbert County including latitude/longitude for many. Not a complete list nor are many hyperlinked to people’s names/burial detail (there are a *few*). added 12Sep22

Drowned cities of (northern) Alabama Riverton cones to mind. added 17Apr21

Compiled marriages by DAR, VOL 3 (main Vol directory under Alabama)

Genealogy Trails: Colbert County, Main Table of Contents page added 12Sep22

Marriages 1867-1868, Colbert County on Genealogy Trails added 12Sep22

Newspapers, names & dates of operations. added 12Sep22

Prominent people of Colbert County, written 1893:

1880 census: Appears to be entire county, vs “division” on Ancestry. Don’t mind the link search criteria. He’s how I found it 💙 Begins p 448.

Ancestry, Card Catalog sorted to Colbert County Titles. (Note: there’s 0 listings for Franklin County using the the same sort levels. Of course. )

Franklin County:

The county in my nightmares and dreams, usually at the same time. To say I’m obsessed with this county for the last 2 years would be an understatement. Let’s learn a quick bit about this county. 1890 was a destructive year for buildings and documents, fire. There was a 1920’s fire in DC that burned the 1890 Federal (national) census to bits as well as several states’ (including Alabama OF COURSE) 1890 (Union) Veteran’s Schedule census . To make matters worse, there was also a fire 4Dec1890 in the county of Franklin, at the courthouse, where all the records… let me emphasize this again.. all the records that pertained to it’s citizens to that point, meaning ANYTHING before 1890, were burned. There’s one land book that survived, according to one of the county’s current home pages, only because the book was at a clerk’s home that night. So you find your family now has grown roots, some are within reach of old age, and you have 20 years there’s no census records, AND all the records of ANY kind have been destroyed. Oh, and just when you’ve exhausted all your online searches, you plan a trip to hit libraries, courthouses, cemeteries, visit family, anything for a clue. Then Covid hits. Month 13 and counting waiting to be able to travel, let alone go to the local library! Perfect. Time to get creative.

Rootsweb, Franklin County: Hop down to Lauderdale County for a quickie bio on Rootsweb. But here’s Franklin Co’s surviving pages:

Genealogy Trails, Franklin County: This is appears to be a re-emergence (or a continuation) of a site similar to what Rootsweb was. The free help, documents, knowledge, of a specific county. I just can’t tell you how much easier ( and better) researching on the old ‘Rootsweb’ and GenWeb’s was. So take a look. Remember, you can search these for any county by going to Google and enter: (your) County, State and then One of these: Rootsweb, USGenWeb, X-state GenWeb, and Genealoy Trails. Ex: Warren County MS Rootsweb -or- Georgia GenWeb -or- Itawamba Co, MS USGenWeb.

Prominent people of Alabama, page marked to Franklin County: written 1893. There’s only about 5 people discussed plus their spouses, and parents of each. But book is worth a look, especially for other counties:

1880 full county census. The ones on Ancestry are “by division”, or I believe, by Township/range. This one so far is the only year I’ve found that has the entire county together.

USGenWeb text file listings of cemeteries

Lauderdale County

TVA cemetery relocation project. Via Genealogy Trails. Not a complete list. added 12Sep22

Maps and geography related:

History of BLM, land and all kinds of stuff. The maps here also, under the Township/Range (aka T/R) are incredibly helpful when looking at the census records in the late 1800s, since the county censuses aren’t one main county. They’re actually broken into the T/R! (Can’t tell you how long it took me to figure this out for Franklin County!) My amazing Land Guy, Cousin Jim, even pointed out when you look at the T/R maps, they name the creeks, some, like streets, are named for some of the original land owners. HINT HINT. Then I found a key to all the cemeteries in Franklin, the locations coordinate to the T/R locations. (BRILLIANT!) Every single clue means something when it comes to Franklin County. EVERY little tick mark (Ask me some time about John’s missing daughter, who was literally a tick mark in 1840, gone 1850… Did I find her? Haha of course!)

Dept of Interior, BLM, General Land Office Records: Primarily Alabama, Louisiana and Iowa, with resources links.

Historic Alabama interactive county boundary changes. While it’s important to know this for some aspects of research it’s IMPERITIVE to understand certain time frames with Franklin County. Take it for a spin. When you’re done, then scroll down the page, and check out all the historic maps of AL, and a few even of MS. Added 14Apr21

Original Plot maps by T/R: Franklin and Colbert AL Added 5Nov21

Franklin + Colbert County Alabama map 1908 with property.,0.317,0.166,0.237,0 Added 5Nov21

Franklin Co Parcel viewer: This is an interactive map that shows many current views of property lines in present day Franklin Co. What is even cooler is that you can move it around and see some of the other counties, how some of this pertains to your research or perhaps how your family might have had to travel. It’s very useful.

Franklin Co Map: This one is also present day, but has street names and also district divisions. It’s funny looking at the street names and seeing the names of family, knowing that many of our families are forever memorialized in the county they were the pioneers of. The main site this (and the next) map comes from is the county for Franklin County government.

Russellville Street map: This one is similar to the one above Franklin Co Map that also has the street names for the city itself. I definitely see surnames I’m related to in this one!

US BLM, Tract Books, 1800 -1955:


Rootsweb surviving pages for Lauderdale. If you’re new to researching, or to computer genealogy, let me just say I MISS ROOTSWEB. But if there’s any page for your counties that have survived, count your blessings. By the way, try googling one of your counties to find Rootsweb, County State Rootsweb, and see what happens.

Side note re Rootsweb/Ancestry: As with just about anything has purchased, they always manage to screw it up beyond recognition. Rootsweb is no different. (While looking for a link to hyperlink re the sale of Rootsweb, I ran across this page circa 2000 that pretty much sums up why people are disgusted that Rootsweb was sold, but predicted exactly what happened! PS MyFamily TOO was purchased by Ancestry and dismantled! Scroll to the very bottom of the Wiki page to Past Products & you’ll see MyFamily.) I feel an entire post about JUST my feelings about Ancestry brewing.

Civil War Related

Alabama State Archives: Lists all Alabama Civil War regiments and container numbers where their records are located. I’m sure with Covid (2021) this office isn’t open, and less likely to allow researching visitors, if it did beforehand.

Alabama State Archives: Alabama Confederate Military Unit Histories!confederate%20regimental%20history%20files/field/collec!all/mode/exact!all/conn/and!all/order/sort/ad/asc

Also State Archives: Brief Historical Sketches of Military Organizations: Alabama Her History, Resources: W Brewer

4th Calvary aka Roddy’s Regiment (Alabama State Archives):

Illinois Union actions, but very detailed info on fighting in Alabama, Mississippi as well as a few mentions of Gen Roddy.

Lauderdale County, AL history of some of the destruction to this county, partiularly Schoals, and Col Cornyn’s involvment.

Reconstruction in Alabama: A fascinating ebook on Alabama, the war, and its aftermath. The Project Gutenberg Ebook of Civil War and Reconsctruction in Alabama, by Walter L. Fleming.

Note to self: "Self, come back here if you can't find the info on Cornyn/Tuscumbia POW Buchanan March 186_ transferred from Corinth to Memphis."  Another one to come back to is the message board re: Cornyn.;id=20487


Arkansas Gravestones.Org Listed by county, then alpha, with headstone photos. It’s a HUGE resource I just stumbled on.


Johnson county

USGenWeb Cemetery page added 14Apri21


Grenada County

Itawamba county,_Mississippi_Genealogy

Lee County

USGenWeb Cemtery transcription page

Pontotoc County

USGenWeb Pontotoc Poplar Springs Cemetery transcription

DNA/Genealogy related

Have multiple failed AncestryDNA kits? Try this! It works! I had one kit that failed 3x and the fourth one I used this process (I administered it myself). Viola! FINALLY!

Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) new White Paper on new dna algorithm (similar to Ancestry’s Timber Algorithm). For this reason, I highly recommend everyone still upload their dna to and utilize their chromosome browser, as well as no “thumbs on the results” as these two companies have done. I realize genetically/scientifically this might be beneficial, but the dna cms in the oldest gens (primarily where 80% brickwalls exist) is where this is being most impacted. If you have someone at 300cm, then dumping 20cm of replication isn’t a big deal. When it’s 7cm and you dump 2cm, and the minimum requirement is 7cm-you’ve just now removed a match from your list. The only way to retrieve their existence, is to find an older generational match and pray they match. This is why I say DNA TEST DNA TEST DNA TEST. 🤪.

Copyrights and Family Trees

DNA chart with cm & generational explanations. Best one-stop shop I’ve ever seen! added 13Sep22

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